Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Where do I start?.....Hello....Someone...Anyone....Anyone out there?!

The first blog post, ever. Enough to make anyone nervous.

Welcome all.

Soooo who am I?

Well that will take more than one blog post to answer so over the next few weeks I will try to fill you in. But lets start off with the niceties. My name is Tanya and I am a New Zealander - sort of. I was born and raised in this wonderful country but left for my OE (overseas experience, a rite of passage in this country - another blog post another time) when I was 21 years and after 16 years living in Canada and the US (mostly) I have returned to New Zealand dragging along an American partner (who I swear married me for my New Zealand passport, I saw the glint in his eye when I mentioned where I was from originally!) and 2 great kids. We returned about 3 months ago, to a new part of New Zealand for me, down in the south of the South Island, Dunedin (another post on my newly adopted town I promise). I am not ashamed to admit that the thought of lots of knitterly goodness helped me make up my mind over where to live. Hell I just came from 4 years in Southern California where knitting the kids mittens, hats and scarfs was a little wasted, not that it stopped me of course - a knitter must knit.

So here I am, home. After such a wonderful community of knitters in North America I am feeling a little alone, hence the blog. I love blogs, love podcasts, love love the wonderful internet world of knitters. My day is not complete without some
Knit and Tonic thoughts, I live from post to post for the Great Eunny and of course as do many hundreds, nay thousands I kneel at the alter of the Divine Harlot and many many others (don't get me started on how fabulous Brenda is and how I think the world would be a better place if we forced all the non knitters to listen to her). But I am a lurker. Completely. Love them all but I never comment. Don't really know why. I should. I mean to. I just never do. I don't know what to add I guess. So to start off the new year and a new life I am have decided to become an active member of the worldwide knitting community.
Starting here, starting today.

What is my blog going to look like?

I plan to talk about my life here in this part of NZ. Some of the culture shocks and differences between here, the US, Canada, and Aussie (where I lived for a while also). Of course my knitting will be included but also my other crafts and endevours. Lots of photos, promise. I would like to review some blogs, podcasts, books, yarns and LYS's. Since I don't have a way to browse through knitting books at the bookstore any longer before purchasing I rely on the internet to determine whether I would like to purchase a new book, I always appreciate a objective in-depth review. This is my goal. (This goes to all of those shut-ins out there, oohhh Canadian hockey days are coming back!). I might go over some past FO's too that I think are blog worthy. I welcome all comments and look forward to connecting with anyone who feels that this blog may have some interest to them. Yeah thats about it. For now. Will work on the getting the side bar thing filled with good stuff. I did mention I was new at this blog thing right?

Enough talking for one day. Bye.

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