Saturday, 6 October 2007

I am off on a big jetplane........

A family holiday is happening. I will try to post at some point throughout the trip. We are heading to Christchurch (get out your map boys and girls) for 4 days of camping, then we are off to Brisbane, Australia for some family time and some heat. We will be in Aussie for about 2 1/2 weeks. All of my family live there (mum and 3 sisters and all the extras that go along with it). I am the last holdover still in NZ. Best of all I get to see my new niece again, she is now almost 1. Can't wait. See you soon.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

A little quilting for a little gifting..........

So my sister. She has a lot, she doesn't want to have a lot and she doesn't want anymore.......except from me.

That is her new rule. No gifts please, oh except from you Tanya - you can make me a cool thing that I can't buy in the store, like a king size quilt please.

Sorry no king size quilts around here for quite a while so I thought this might work instead.

She likes to write notecards with gifts. I have decided to give a homemade container with quilted cards in them. I got the idea of the cards from Denyse Schmidt. I am making 2 sizes, biggies for regular cards and littlies to go on gifts.

Did I mention how much fun this is? Did I mention how I am digging through the scrap box and using them all up?

Ignore the fabric box, I am keeping that, it was decided that she wouldn't like it as much as I liked it. Yep I decided that.

Monday, 1 October 2007

So wrong, so very very wrong..........

How can I go from this:

To this within a few weeks:

And that is not all. I have what I like to call my mending basket (it should be known as the black hole) and in it I have 5 pairs of socks, all made of Socks that Rock, all with holes within a short time of completion. I think I must be a slow learner.

Is it just me or does this yarn not stand up? Or am I just really hard on my socks? I want to go on to the Socks that Rocks Ravelry group and ask but I am too scared that I might be thrown out of that town real fast. Okay I am not too scared, I just haven't got around to it. Well maybe I am a little scared, socks that rock groupies are rabid, I remember them from Stitches West.

It would break my heart to throw them away so now I am attempting to darn them, not easy stuff I tell you, especially since the hole is so big. I don't like this darning business so much. Another reason to be pleased summer is around the corner...........