Sunday, 26 August 2007

My version of the milky way................

A tidbit because I am not posting so much lately........

But I am sewing..............

And still knitting..............

Presenting my latest creation, the curtain for the nook we call our "study". Made completely out of recycled fabrics, including the backing.

My version of the milky way.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Just knitting a basket full of squares........

.................why thanks for asking - yes I am going out of my flippin' mind.......

...............94 squares and counting...............

........seaming next...........think of me................

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

So who gets the naming rights...........

Meet my new friend.

I am his maker but not his keeper, that honour is going to go to my niece.

My question for you is this............who gets the naming rights?

Is it okay to give a toy already named?

Even if I tend towards names that crack you up to hear come out of a little kid's mouth and even better their parents?

I think he looks like a boy, maybe a little like a Ralphie? or a Norman? Trevor? is Dick taking it too far?

What do you think?

(BTW: he is Steve from Denyse Schmidt Quilts Book, all from old clothes. Cute huh.)

Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Sometimes I have been known to shoot my mouth off. I may have done this about Jaywalkers.

I have tried this pattern twice in the past and both times ended up with failure early on. Now I wonder why didn't I get it. This pattern is a darling. As easy as stockinette and much more thrilling to watch grow. Oh and it loves variegated yarns and how many patterns can you say that about!

I was down to my last ball of variegated sock yarn, one I have had for a long long time, one that I would just keep pushing to the bottom of the pile because I didn't like the colours.

So here was the plan; to knit a pattern I didn't like with a yarn I didn't care for.

And I have ended up with success, go figure.

Maybe they should have a talk with the thneed.

Friday, 3 August 2007

The Silence was Deafening.............

Just over a week ago we lost our monitor.

Not as in "where the hell is it under all this renovation material" but as in "it just decided to stop working" lost.

I think we may be a little dependent on our computer. We realised that we do not have a radio (we stream live from around the world), do not get a print paper (all online), we have no TV (we just watch any movies or shows we are interested in on the computer - you know after the kids are in bed - as in it is not what we do but what we say sweetie), have email as our primary means of contact with family and friends around the world, have all of our money and accounts online, no updates on all our podcasts, my beloved Ravelry and of course you out in blogland.

It was remarkable how quickly we lost touch with the world. We did all those things you do when you get stuck in a blackout for days; we had roaring fires, played games, read books, talked.... screw that I want my computer back! A friend took pity on us and has just lend us an old monitor until HP finally get their lack of customer service ass together and honours our warranty ("3-5 days is always the answer", the question should be "from when does the 3-5 days start" since they haven't even picked up the monitor yet).

So now I am squinting a teeny tiny little screen without sound, no comforting dings and musical notes that I always sing along with (it's my blog and I'll be a dork if I want to, a dork if I want to - see even now I am singing, I, my friends, are a good time).