Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Sometimes I have been known to shoot my mouth off. I may have done this about Jaywalkers.

I have tried this pattern twice in the past and both times ended up with failure early on. Now I wonder why didn't I get it. This pattern is a darling. As easy as stockinette and much more thrilling to watch grow. Oh and it loves variegated yarns and how many patterns can you say that about!

I was down to my last ball of variegated sock yarn, one I have had for a long long time, one that I would just keep pushing to the bottom of the pile because I didn't like the colours.

So here was the plan; to knit a pattern I didn't like with a yarn I didn't care for.

And I have ended up with success, go figure.

Maybe they should have a talk with the thneed.


Kathleen said...

There may be some sock yarn in my stash yearning to be something other than a shawl. I'll have to consider Jaywalkers, I think. Yours looks lovely!

Stell said...

Jaywalkers, those are so pretty, the colour changes work so well in that yarn and pattern mix.