Wednesday, 3 October 2007

A little quilting for a little gifting..........

So my sister. She has a lot, she doesn't want to have a lot and she doesn't want anymore.......except from me.

That is her new rule. No gifts please, oh except from you Tanya - you can make me a cool thing that I can't buy in the store, like a king size quilt please.

Sorry no king size quilts around here for quite a while so I thought this might work instead.

She likes to write notecards with gifts. I have decided to give a homemade container with quilted cards in them. I got the idea of the cards from Denyse Schmidt. I am making 2 sizes, biggies for regular cards and littlies to go on gifts.

Did I mention how much fun this is? Did I mention how I am digging through the scrap box and using them all up?

Ignore the fabric box, I am keeping that, it was decided that she wouldn't like it as much as I liked it. Yep I decided that.

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