Monday, 22 January 2007

Bits and Bobs.............

Life has been a little hectic around here.

My sister, her partner and my new 2 month old niece arrive tomorrow. This is good. I am very excited. However it does mean we have to do lots of last minute things, things you must do before family arrives, you know the sort of things I mean, the old I always keep the bathroom this clean kind of thing.

This is the news that threw me. My sister-in-law (Ted's sister) has given birth to a little boy. Now this is good news too. There is just one thing. This is her first baby. And as all knitters know first babies come late. You can set your knitting calendar by this. Well this baby is a week early! Not only does this catch me off guard but I feel unreasonably cranky about this, cranky at my sister-in-law, why even cranky at the baby. You see, I was just in the planning stages of the knitted gift, the what shall I make because I have lots of time stage. Then we get the email, she is up in the middle of the night because she is getting pains. Ted and I look at each other and have that all knowing look "oh how cute, she isn't in labour, it is just Braxton Hicks, you know because we know everything, everything". Then the next day I get the call while Ted is out, she had the baby, all is well. I am happy and then after I get off the phone it hits me. By the time Ted gets home from work some 5 or 6 hours later, well, I was livid. "It is just downright indecent, indecent I say! I mean I went almost 3 weeks over and what was so wrong with that, why couldn't she go 3 weeks over? What is she too good for going past her due date? Women have been doing this for years and it has been just fine for them? I don't have time for this!" Ted just looks at me and answers "I can't believe we are having this conversation, why don't you just buy something" BUY SOMETHING! For a new baby, buy something! For the love of god! Now tell me who is really crazy in our household. Exactly. I will keep you posted on the baby gift progress.

The feather and fan scarf is finished, sitting in a crumpled pile, waiting for it's blocking, waiting until I have been freed.

All of my birthday books arrived! I love new craft books beyond all reason. I will be doing some book reviews here soon, stay tuned.

Why what is that poking out of the bottom? Now what could that be doing here? Where did it come from? I wonder if it has anything to do with the loom that has appeared upstairs in the family room? Probably not.

Apparently a finished object is not truly a finished object until it is felted. I did not know this but my 3 year old explained it to me. You see while I might consider her slippers finished since she couldn't yet wear them they really weren't. Now I see it from her point of view this could be true. Did you know this? So one pair of felted slippers.

I need a real sweater. I have a whole wardrobe of little cardys and shrugs from my Southern California days. I need a real cover-all-of-me sweater. Do I knit one of those tried and true, always wanted to knit sweaters or go for one of the new fancy pants, hot off the press jumpers? I am thinking of the hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knitted gifts. It always looks so nice on other blogs, like it fits well.

I am self defeating, here I am seriously considering casting on a new sweater tonight, I must be out of my freaking mind. Back to baby gift.

Lastly we homeschool our kids and homeschooling in our house means a good calendar, one that we can easily put notes all over. Here is what I created this year for us. By the end of the year the calendar will be surrounded with notes and interesting facts, right now it is still looking a little bare.

Think of me. What to make when you can't think of what to make? Aggghhh!

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jayne said...

Hi Tanya, looks like you've got a good start on your blog. Isn't it fun??

You asked a question over at my blog, and I thought I'd track you down here to answer it. You asked about all those ends from the Kitchen Sink Sweater. Yeah...that would be insanity wouldn't it?

Have you ever heard of the spit splice? You can do it with any yarns that are mostly wool (ie. feltable). I made my sweater with all yarns that were mostly wool, so every time I had to change colour, I did a spit splice. Sure, it slows you down, but no maddening ends to weave in.

You can google spit splice, but the basic instruction is to fray about two inches at the ends of the yarn you're ending and the yarn you're joining on. Separate out the strands, and thin them a bit (trim or pull out some) then spit on 'em or get them nice and wet in your palm. Overlap yarn-a and yarn-b, end to end for about two inches, and roll them briskly together in your palms, or against your jeans. Wet, heat, and friction. Those two ends will felt together, and away you go.

Have fun!