Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Sometimes you have see the big picture............

Ever had a vision of a project and then when you start it it somehow seems to turn out differently but you feel you have to trust the original vision and then you finish it and and you think "what the bloody hell was I thinking" and your gut was right.

Yeah me too but thankfully this wasn't one of those.

So I am knitting up the Community Afghan from
Handknit Holidays. I have had my eye on it for a while. I have always had a hankering to knit a blanket (I know that may make me officially crazy) but always felt a bit sick when I would work out the cost of it. There seemed no point making it unless the yarn was delicious. I knew after my alpaca haul the time had come.

I started playing around with the colours and the gauge and it never felt right. Then I just decided to trust the vision and go for it.

Check out an individual square. Kinda of ugly and trashy in a god-you-have-to-be-joking kind of way. Have faith.

Now check out the blanket, now do you see?

Yeah me too. Did I mention alpaca, hmmmmmm, soft goodness.

This is only about a quarter of the finished size, it is a long haul this blanket business.
And no I don't want to talk about the sewing up at this point.

Feather and fan scarf update: It is getting longer, it is not just my imagination, right?

Oh and by the way I got tagged by
Emelia. I have to mention 6 weird things about myself. This is not as easy as you would think. I asked Ted and was a little shocked by the reply; "that is not weird, why is that weird? well I never...!" Give me a few days on this one. By the way check out Emelia's blog, her clogs are awesome! She is very, very talented. New blog to lurk on (old me talking, of course I don't lurk anymore, I comment).

By the way I love the comments and emails I have received, thank you so much. I do appreciate them all.

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