Friday, 19 January 2007

6 Weird Things About Me..............

1. I have an ability to remember people by what they ate rather than names or even faces, certainly more than the conversation (well unless the conversation was about food!). I can remember what we ate at different festivals, celebrations and dinner parties going back years. This is in absolute contrast to my partner Ted who will remember the conversation and connection he made with someone. This is how a conversation will go in our house -"do you remember when Jane Doe at Mickey Mouse's restaurant said..." "wait a minute, Jane Doe? was she the one who had the chicken?" "how would I know, she was the massage therapist from Mars that just got out the tough relationship" "the one who was next to the guy who had the pork but said that he usually prefers beef?". I hate it when people argue with me about this. Ted's family does this. Then I have to prove them totally and completely wrong (what else do you expect me to do!) by completely describing their meal, right down to the thought process about choosing that menu item. I won't even go into how cranky I get when they try to argue about what I had! I have been trying to think how I can use this strange power of mine for good.....

2. I have a complete fascination with where people live and why, particularly when it is in an area I find really extreme. I think ordinary people living ordinary lives tend to be so much more interesting to read about and meet than folks with lots of money and power carrying on like spoiled brats. Currently I am reading a book about a computer programmer who chucks it all in to become a cook in Antarctica living in a tent and another about a year in the life of family on a small organic farm in Vermont. (This is good stuff, loved the book). My fascination particularly extends to places where people live beyond the Arctic circle. I really feel the cold and have a morbid fear given my impulsiveness that I will one day decide to move there, you know just so I can see what it feels like to live there and get to know the people who do. I have had many conversations where I start out by pleading with Ted "no matter what I may tell you in future, no matter how strong my argument is, don't let me move to the Arctic Circle, I would be miserable so just don't let me do it okay, okay?." I might add this is usually at the weirdest moment and completely out of the blue so he will look at me strangely and just say "ok".

3. I am scared of riding bicycles. I wish I wasn't but I am.

4. I firmly believe that a hot shower will solve most problems, physical and emotional. Whatever a hot shower doesn't take care of, then a piece of toast with butter and vegemite will certainly cure. Yep I am talking big stuff here too.

5. I once read a study that 95% of people talk to their pets. To this day it is deeply disturbing to me that 5% don't.

6. I tend to make large decisions about my life very impulsively. It does not help that Ted does too. We will decide things like moving to a new country in the course of an evening. However it doesn't tend to take me long to feel certain about a decision and I always figure that the worst that can happen is it sucks and then we will just try something else. Of course sometimes these decisions haunt for me for many years to come. Like the day about 6 years ago that I had this really fabulous vegan meal in Victoria, B.C and then decided then and there that I LOVE vegan food (which I do) so therefore I should become vegan and furthermore Ted should too. That afternoon Ted agreed to becoming vegetarian (keeping cheese and eggs in our diet) as well as our son Palin. It only took me a few days to realise that given my love of food I was miserable cutting so much out of my diet so of course I couldn't be vegetarian let alone vegan, I mean what was I thinking?! So now I live in a vegetarian household with a vegetarian partner and children. Yep those decisions.

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