Thursday, 11 January 2007

Take 2.......... or lets talk

So for my 2nd post I had this idea about talking about some of the different Stitch n' Bitchs I have been to but then I realised it would be impossible to only play nice. I firmly believe that all knitters are wonderful accepting people, superhuman if you like. However this does not extend to people who just knit and some of these people have been a big part of the groups I have belonged to. (Lets be honest I understand them less than non knitters - how can you be exposed to the magic and remain untouched! You know the type I am talking about - "oh I just do it for something to do", "yeah this scarf has taken me 12 months, I only work on it at the SnB every week", "why would I do more than one project?' "socks that rock who?" or the scariest one of all "no I don't need to touch your yarn, it seems like it is nice")

So anyway back to what I was saying, oh yeah play nice.

I think I am a respectful, considerate sort of person but I don't often step down from my opinion and that can upset some folks. While I am a lurker as I mentioned that didn't mean I don't have some strong opinions about what I read. But what upset me most of all is when comments would come back saying you shouldn't say what you said, you should water down your opinions so not to offend anyone. What a bunch of crap. Don't read the blog then, simple. I read blogs to hear what it is someone has to say, really say. I don't have all the answers; I don't walk in their shoes. That is what this blog will be like. I know I will offend some of you and for that I apologise but I say live with it or leave. If you want to present a counter argument for me to consider then please go ahead, I would love to hear it. You don't have to agree with me to become part of my knitting circle, god that would be boring.

So here's some of what you are getting yourself into -

  • While I loved living in the US for the most part we didn't just return to NZ we also decided to leave the US. The current political situation was one we could no longer stomach.

  • I think the Democrats are too conservative. I guess that tells you my opinion of the Republicans.

  • I fully support the right of all humans to live lives that are free of hate and prejudice and I think the opposition to gay marriage in the US is morally wrong and hateful.

  • I think it is right that I use the word moral even though I am an atheist.

  • I do not and will never support the war in Iraq. This does not mean I do not support the troops.

  • I am an obsessed knitter. Utterly and completely. In fact Ted (my partner) is thrilled that I have started this blog so I will give him a break from listening about knitting. He actually said this. He is so naive, the capacity I have to talk knitting is greater than he can imagine.

  • Cats are better than dogs. (I am sorry but this one is simply a fact not an opinion so I can no argument on it!). Dogs are alright but they can never be cats.

I am sure there is more. I hope I haven't scared off too many.

Let’s end on a positive note shall we....

Tell me this isn't the most gorgeous thing.....

Let me set the stage - drafty old unrenovated house, all wood floors, with no insulation in a cold climate - pom pom rug. Oooohhhh I think I need some pom pom action 'round here, yessirree!

It is from Craftivity. I have ordered the book; I will review it once it arrives - in about 6-8 weeks. Yep there are definite drawbacks about living on the end of the earth!


Sue Woo said...

Hey! I like your blog. I'm with ya on the politics here in the US. That Anny Blatt thing is too much!

Leah said...

I've never left comments for anyone before, as I'm probably considered a "lurker" I should have my own blog up soon. Hopefully.

I really enjoy reading what you have to say and it is amazing to finally see someone not apologize for their opinions.

Thank you from another slightly crazed knitter.

Tanya said...

Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate them. Leah let me know when you have your blog and I will be there!