Wednesday, 6 June 2007

What you hear about quilters ain't all true...........

So there is a knitter in our knit group who upon hearing us joke about how crazy knitters are commented that "we ain't half crazy as them quilters, those quilters they are the really crazy ones". The rest of us unsure who really was the craziest murmured unsure affirmations. I may have kinda forgot to mention I quilt but since I am a knitter who quilts not a quilter that knits that craziest than a knitter at a yarn sale doesn't really apply to me.

Since I have huge amounts of spare time and don't know what to do with myself I figured I would make some fancy pants curtains, patchwork curtains, quilted curtains, call them what you will (the too much time, that was me making a joke, you can close your mouth now and laugh). So there I am at the local quilting store trying to find fabric for my "lets make them feel sick with so many spirals" curtains for the study and found NOTHING. Most of the curtains will be out of recycled fabric from op shops but I needed that little something special, know what I mean. I needed white fabric with a small black print, no other colours. NOTHING, I swear. Then this woman overhearing my plight mentions she may have something in her stash and asks for my name and address so she can send them to me. Just like that. And she did. And they were perfect. And she was from out of town so she had to wait until she went home. And she went to her local quilting store and discovered they had 3 fabrics that would suit. And she got samples cut and included them with the business card of the store so I could order them if I wish. And she included a lovely handwritten note wishing me well on my project. And she had no idea even what I was making with it as we never even had a conversation. Just like that. And now I feel really bad about what I had said about quilters. And even if quilters are crazy, well they are nice and kind and that outweighs crazy any day.

And yes I spread some knitting love back her way. These are blocking as we speak and will go out in the post tomorrow with a big thank you. I hope she likes them.

(Stats for all you knitting geeks: Fetching, knit in 100% alpaca in case she is sensitive to wool)

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Emily said...

Crafting people in general are glorious. And all crazy in their own way. Something about finding a kindred spirit brings out the best in us!