Monday, 25 June 2007

Embossed Leaves Socks - done, done, done!

Love them, they are great in spite of the yucky yellow. Yellow and I usually get along but never ever when green is in the room. You know yellow and green should never been seen except in the washing machine (yeah I know it is supposed to be blue but that is ridiculous because everyone knows green and blue are great mates).

And the toe, Stella asked what it is (and then she went on to mention all these different toes that I had never ever heard of and are still not sure they exist - once again proving she is the smartest knitter I know! Or the one who can spin the best bull, not sure which, not sure it matters.). I mean it really is a star. Not like wow it is a star! A rock star! But literally a star. It actually finishes off the leaves over your toe. Cool huh.

Pattern followed to the T except for a change of yarn and one less repeat in the foot. I did it first with the suggested amount of repeats and the sock felt a little baggy so I ripped it back. They fit perfectly. I was about to say I will make these again but that is simply a lie, I won't. The list is too long and life is too I was thinking about a little monkeying about next..........what do you think?


Jesse said...

Those socks look lovely! I know I have the pattern somewhere, but I didn't notice that toe before ... and now I absolutely have to knit them.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and the nice comment.

lillysmuul said...

I like the color and pattern is so lovely!

Marie said...

Pretty socks! I love the toe on that pattern! Must knit myself a pair one of these days (it just keeps getting pushed further down the list with all the new things I see and covet.) Do try the monkey pattern! It's terrific fun and very fast.
(Your friend who loves untangling yarn, where did she move to? Maybe I can move there and befriend her. :) )

Carola said...

Ravelry rocks, that's how I found your blog. Sadly, I don't have an house elf either (yet?) so I don't have the time at the moment to read through your whole blog. But I have to comment and most of all congratulate you on your Embossed Leaves! They look so great! I can understand your doubt about the colour combo but in the finished socks it just looks nice. So natural, flower-ish.. leaf-ish. I also agree with you on the toe. The star rocks!