Monday, 18 June 2007

I have a new friend........

When it was decided that the Thneed had to become a shut-in it became necessary to cast on for a travelling project. It had to be self contained, slight and easy to get along with. Of course my mind turned to socks as one always should.

For a long time I have had my eye on the Embossed Leaves socks and had some suitable greenish Socks That Rock in the stash. I like to think of them as my celebration knit for ordering Interweave Favorite Socks, (I had the pattern in the mag - Winter 2005) (the book has arrived, I will review it tomorrow - cross my heart).

So first to the yarn. I love STR. I really do. But I must admit the colourway that I am knitting these socks in leaves me a little grumpy. After a thoroughly enjoyable burst of handpainted yarns I decided I prefer solid or almost solid coloured yarn. I really enjoy lace or cables in my socks and the handpainted yarns hide too much detail. I ordered this colourway online and it looked like a mixture of greens which I declared perfect for my future Embossed Leaves socks. It arrived with some green and a rather shocking yellow. The name is Emerald Isle, what would have you thought? Anyway in the same shipment I got some other lovely colours so I was able to push this colourway to the back promising to bring it back to the light of day one day. Alas it is now my last skein of STR so that day has come.

On a more positive note I love this pattern. It is charming the pants right off me. It is so easy to memorise and just whizzes along. I can see why it has a fan club in the bloggersphire. I have even heard it said that some will now love no other! The toe was just plain exciting. That is right I called a toe exciting, call me what you will, I won't take it back. It is a star. Couldn't get a decent photo of it, I tried but oh how I tried.

So ends today's progress report.

We are moving along my socks and I.


Cynthia said...

I agree with you about the variegated yarns - although that said, as a pattern with the variegated yarn your socks looks good. Congrats on moving it right along....

Stell said...

I'm with you on the variegated yarn, so pretty pretty in the skein, but knitted up - just stripes - I'd have to say in the photo that green and yellow is a nice blend, and the colour chagnes are long enough to give it some body. The colours have to be very subtle for it to work for me now. I'm planning to play with making some subtle painted stuff in the school holidays - maybe a new shrug for Poppy.

So - that toe, what sort of toe is it, An anna Z toe, starting with the wee square? A Wendy short row provisional toe? Come on don't tease us, figure 8 toe? Double knit toe? is it square, rounded, foot shaped - so may things it can be.

like that little garter edge to the heel flap.