Sunday, 29 April 2007

Things are getting a bit silly round here.........

I am a disciplined knitter.

I am a "keep my projects under control" kind of knitter.

So when I decide on the spur of the moment to put down a current project to just start something a little fun on the side, a little fling, well that is blogworthy.

And when I decide to put down my current project to start maybe 3 or 4 or 5 little flings all at once well that is just plain un-American. (This is one of my most favourite American sayings. Anytime anything is unsavoury or weird Americans will respond "that is plain un-American"; imagine having the market on all that is right and good in the world. Got to give it to the States, they are a confident bunch! I especially like to use it in completely inappropriate moments, funny how touchy Americans can be about this one)

So fling one:

It was noticed on my trip to Queenstown that I only have one winter hat (technically I have may have more than 1 winter hat but since I only have one hat I will even consider wearing.....) so I felt it was of great importance that I knit not one, not two but possibly three more hats for myself. This is the beret from Interweave Winter 2006. It does the cutest little thing on the band, the ribbing goes in peaks, I will have to remember that. I made it out of a leftover ball of Frog Tree Alpaca (from Yarns in the Farms). Delicious yarn. Very styly as kiwis like to say, not my proudest moment when I first heard that one coming out a fellow citizen's mouth. (And it must be said that I love to shorten words; trackies, sunnies, brekkie, cuppa but styly - good lord what is the world coming to)


Urban Vegan said...

I've fallen off the knitting bandwagon--downright un-American.

(Just for the recod, actually, we don't all say that. Most of us usually just curse. And don't be fooled--most of us are actually suffering from inferiority complexes diguised as over-confidence ;))

Sue Woo said...

Way cute, Tanya!

Thanks for visiting my blog! If you will email me at I will send you a link to my book. I cannot believe I have a BOOK! Take care.

Slip Slip said...

Love the hat! Just ordered some new Frog Tree along with the "Hallie Berry" sweater pattern. Yes, you read this correctly (HBSP). Apparently a shop owner designed the sweater (knit out of Frog Tree) for Hallie in her new movie (Perfect Strangers). I've heard the film is not too good but the sweater is quite nice. We tried on the sample and loved it. Oh La La.

L, Wink @ Yarns In The Farms