Wednesday, 11 April 2007

It's a pair of undies for crying out loud

So I made the lacy thong from the latest Interweave Knits.

There, I said it out loud. Now according to many that makes me either perverted, wasting my time, stupid or all three.

Now I ask you why are so many knitters getting their knickers in a knot over, well, over a pair of knickers? When I considered making these I did my usual trolling of blogs and forums seeing if anyone had made them and what they thought of them. What a can of worms I opened! My favourite was the knitter who had just purchased an IK subscription for her sister-in-law and now what was SIL going to think of this smut she had received in the mail! (Personally I think it is obvious, she is trying to hit on her, I could see that one a mile off.)

For the sake of argument lets look at the common reactions to this pattern.

1. Perverted: I either lead a very boring life or a very exciting one but either way I don't see a pair of pretty undies being perverted. It is pretty and it is underwear, something that most of us put on everyday, at least I do so maybe I desensitised. However I am still not going to model them. You can let your breath out now.

2. Wasting my time: What as opposed to socks? I love handknitted socks but they aren't exactly practical now are they. This is a stupid argument. We don't knit to be practical.

3. Stupid: I say the folks who use this label need to think this one through. Have you ever seen those divine skeins of expensive, hand dyed silk and said, oooohh but what would I ever make with that? I could only afford one and how many decorative scarfs do I need? How about those lovely little seaglass beads, yummy ribbons? Well I say underwear. Not only undies but bras, camis, you name it. Hey how about all those incredible lace patterns that you will never try. Uh huh underwear. And you will actually get use out of it.

Now as for the pattern. I loved making it. It is a charming pattern. It moves quickly and incorporates many different techniques. But it is flawed. For one even as just a pair of play undies these are too skimpy in the front. I added an extra crochet edge but still. The gauge is much too big, they look "knitted". They don't have any stretch. I used a wool/silk mix and it took an act of god to wiggle them over my hips (yeah real good for the ego let me tell you). Once up they fit but you wouldn't want to be drinking lots of water through the day if you get my drift. (I actually ended up chopping them at the sides and sewing in some more ribbon with ties but these will never be in everyday use.)

But I haven't given up. I am going to buy Knitting Lingerie Style the moment it comes out because this chick knows her lingerie fitting stuff and I need all the help I can get. As opposed to being a waste of time I would propose this is one of the best uses of knitting time I have come across since my first socks. I can't afford the lingerie I could make. I can't even afford to be in the same room as the lingerie I could make! Handknitted (on tiny needles), delicate lacework, hand beaded silk, custom fit bra and knickers. Talk about something special.

ps: the word panties, now that is perverted
pps: garish acrylic from Walmart, that is perverted
ppps: actually telling someone you don't ever read, you just wait for the movie, that is perverted
pppps: asking me if I would like a coffee and then proceed to make me instant, that is so very perverted (and a trap, then I have to drink it!)
ppppps:speedos on men, I don't even have words for the level of perverted


Emily said...

*giggle* With this entry google is going to make you very popular. :D

And you know you have me about convinced to knit some underoos even though I'd been previously set against it? I don't think I'd wear 'em, but I bet they'd be the comfiest comfies that ever comfied.

Suzanne said...

You go girl! It was high time someone pointed out the impracticality of most of the things we knit so obsessively. Personally, I wouldn't knit a thong, but lacy camis and shortie nightgowns would be a fun and useful knit. To take the heresy a step further, I'll go so far as to say that I think the lace dress in the new VK would make a nice nightie.

Stell said...

I really don't think its perverted if you are the one wearing them, to make it perverted involves something like the presence of a film crew, and extremely non-traditional use of knitting paraphernalia. I've been thinking about (no no not men in speedos - but damm i can't get that image out of my mind now) Frency Camisole by Katie Himmelberg
(Spring 2007) or Lace Nightie
by Carrie Bostick Hoge
(Spring 2007) also free patterns at Interweave knits, and if there were left overs ..., you are so right about yummy luxury $$$ yarn

Tanya said...

Yeah, thanks for that image Stella!

Jill said...

Oh, well, I thought the thong was for a guy... am I perverted? Ohhhh I hope so.

Slip Slip said...

You are beautiful! I would love to see a post of your undies, on or off, your choice. I have some lovely silk that I have been saving for the right project...just as soon as I finish my socks!

Lovingly, Yarns In The Farms ~ Your biggest fans.

Kathleen said...

Thank you for giving me a new perspective on knitted lingerie! I hadn't thought of the indulgent luxury aspect of knitting it yourself.