Friday, 27 April 2007

Dumb Jumper

Another good thing about going away, it gave me lots of time to knit.
Lots of time to finish one certain pair of socks.
Lots of time to figure out what was wrong with the Cable Down Raglan.
And lots of time to completely frog it and start again.

I was unhappy with how the Cable Down Raglan was working out but not quite enough to frog it. Then I found myself avoiding it and pretending we weren't friends and I knew the time had come. When we went away I took only 2 projects, the socks and the jumper, so I would have to take care of them both.

The socks were sorted out first. I didn't bring enough warm socks so I would have the extra incentive to finish them, cunning ain't I? Oh the games I play (and win) against myself!

Then the Cable Down Raglan. After giving it some thought I made the necessary changes (in how the increases were done, the position of the side cables and starting the front cable earlier so it wasn't quite so bumpy) in the pattern and picked up the needles and started again. By the end of the trip I was back at the beginning. I mean I was back to where I was when I started the trip. Confusing. But you know what I mean right? And it looks good. Much much better. And I am happy with it. But now I have hit a wall on it. We need a break. Let me tell you how I have handled that one next time.

(No photos. This jumper is shy that way, all photos look drab. You will have to wait until we have a little more to show)

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Hey Tanya !
Thanks for your visit to my blog and your nice comments.
I will add the link to the Veggeroni (thanks for reminding me I forgot to!) but here it is :

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Have fun with those :)
Kiss NZ for me !