Monday, 2 April 2007

Say hello to the new kid in town...........

First the good news.........

Deciding it was time to do some knitting for my daughter I took away some Knitpicks Sock Yarn on our camping trip. The plan: some 1x1 rib knee high tube socks. She is 3 years old and heels aren't very practical at this point, she grows too fast, this way she will get the whole winter out of them (ask me how I figured this one out? lets just say I may have experience in this from last winter). I had this knitpicks yarn that I knew I would never knit up for myself because the colours are on the garish side but it is perfect for a small child. And no I don't think I save my crap yarn for my kids projects, god maybe I do, bad mummy! Anyway she is loving them even if they do make me wince a little. I want to love knitpicks I really do. I mean I love the price. I love the concept of the company. But the yarn, while the quality is good sometimes (and dodgy others), the colours are just, just, well just a little trashy. Believe me I like trashy as much as the next person, in fact it may be said even more, but not in yarn colours. But I am being a little hard, some of their colours are good, it is just many aren't. I think I have a bit of bad attitude about this due to a sweater that went wrong once it was cleaned, so very, very wrong and well since then I have never felt the same. So anyway this sock yarn, it feels a little stringy and not so much fun to knit with but it will work. Cheap (and nasty; damn be nice)

Now don't look away, don't cover your eyes, let this be a warning to all who think it can't happen to them:

I am out of yarn

Really, really out of yarn. Like there is no more.

I don't know what I am going to do. I know what I am not going to do. I am not going to frog these. I have never, never run out of Socks that Rock yarn, never. This is unbelievable. I am not even close. I just kept thinking by some freakish occurrence it would make it, even when I could see it wouldn't. I can't even begin to face this at this moment. The socks are now in the naughty chair.

My current solution is to just do this when anyone wants to see the socks:

I think I am fooling them.


Emily said...

I feel the same way about knitpicks' yarn color choices. Though I must admit, being a subdued/deep-color person, it's better than elann, because their colors... whoa.

Also, running out of sock yarn that close to finishing? *shiver*

Stell said...

good solution, mine would be to make these a bring along wip, for when i really can't be bothered kniting, project. A sort of show off without finishing. I like your solution better.
running out that far from the toe - thats a whole 'nother story, and some one should be in deep deep trouble - some where for shorting the yarn. You have seen the knitted voodoo doll on the anticraft site havn't you?

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree that these colors are garish--they're beautiful and perfect for socks for your little girl!