Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Bayerische Solution

Option 1: I frog the socks and reknit an ordinary sock that won't eat yarn like it is going out of fashion

Option 2: Push them to the back of the closet and never speak of them again

Option 3: Rip back part of sock 1 and knit both socks with different toes - a design detail

Option 4: Pretend I am super quirky and finish the second sock in a completely different coloured yarn and revel in my individuality. Or rather just remember when someone asks to see those extraordinary socks just pull out the correct complete sock.

Why don't people ask to see handknit socks, can't they see how truly special they are?

Here I am:

Super quirky

Maybe if I did this more people would ask about the socks (joking, just joking, really not even around the yard)

Thank god I am done.


Emily said...

Ha! That's brilliant. I like it. Maybe I should do that with those mittens... hmmm...

I'd love to chat with you about NZ! My email is em[dot]rush[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks!

Dot Com Mom said...

I would keep them. its rare to have such a brave pair.

Slip Slip said...

KEEP THE SOCKS! They are perfect and you are too! I have just finished my 3rd pair of socks. My ambition is to be a sock queen like you.

I love the camper vacation pictures of Queenstown. Breathtaking. Spring has sprung in Beverly ~ thinking of you all. XXOO Wink