Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Sweater update

Now even though it may make me seem a little sad, this sweater is the most fun I have had in ages! Of course coupled with the fact that since Ted had to work last night, my idea of even more fun (after the kids were put to bed of course) was to pull out Anne of Green Gables and do a marathon viewing. In Ted's words apparently "I watch dorky stuff". Maybe next time he works I will download some porn so that at least I will seem complex and "hard to read"! I dunno is porn dorky? Yeah I know it is boring but dorky, that is the question?
Before the cross:
So in between my cries of " you go Anne girl, you show that Josie Pye what for" and "ooh Gilbert is too little boy icky, stay away" there was giggles over the sheer joy of this sweater. Because it is weird, it is weird to knit, so so weird and that makes it all the more fun. And boy does it race. So I did the first cross (36 stitches total!) and as promised it was tight, down a needle size or 2 and I whizzed past that. I have separated the neck and am racing over the shoulder. The really cool thing is you can cast on for this and figure out the sizing after. I didn't need to do anything about the sizing until I hit the the length of the neck. One little problem (that in light of my recent sock shortage may prove a little embarrassing) I don't think I have enough yarn. I know, I know but just feel, like right down in my gut, that it is going to be okay. I have 1199 yards and the medium calls for 1337 yards. But you know they always allow for extra right? It's only 138 yards difference. And this yarn was voted "most likely to succeed" in my stash. I can't ignore that can I? I think it is going to be just fine, just fine. Yep just fine.

For the record I am using Valley Yarns Stockbridge (from Webs). It is 50% alpaca, 50% wool, #5 needles (my addis although I think my options would have been better, not sure why I made that decision.) And yes Kathleen, it is quite luscious.

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