Thursday, 17 May 2007

It's a Norah Gaughan Love Fest around here.............

Okay this is mostly a post of why you should purchase The Natural Knitter but I feel I have to start with an ode to the genius that is Norah Gaughan. It seems that lately every time I am struck with the cleverness of a pattern it is Norah. Her pattern in The Natural Knitter continues that trend.

First off, what a gorgeous book. This was my sleeper hit. I don't know what I expected from this book but I far underestimated it. It is a tasteful, well designed, well photographed book with some lovely patterns from some talented designers. But it is so much more than that, it also feels like a natural fibre textbook. It completely addresses natural fibres; the animals/plants that produce them, how to knit them, and how to care for them. There are wonderful snippets of small producers and their yarns. It is inspiring and beautiful and a wonderful tribute to Barbara Albright (I feel so sad writing that).

So to the projects. This is only a few as I don't want to overload this post with so many photos. I really would only consider knitting a few to be truthful but I feel inspired by many different parts of all of them.

Little Sit-sters: what a great way to add a quirky touch to a gift and to sample a new yarn

Back home in Vermont Sweater: finally a sweater that a man would actually be interested in wearing and that I wouldn't have to die of boredom making.

Shetland Fern: look at that colourwork, impressive. No I'm not going to make it but I would love to see someone else's version of it.

Memories of Ukraine

Mod Socks

See what I mean; tasteful.

Finally Norah with her Architectural Rib Pullover. Fabulous.

Let me explain its brilliance. I'll take it slow, as it took me a couple of times to click.

So you start at the bottom and you decrease up to the cable crossover then you cross your cables and start to increase towards the shoulders, you at this point have an hourglass kinda of thing. Separate for the neck and over the shoulder we go and start to decrease to the cable cross again. Then we increase until we hit the bottom. Now we go back and pick up all the stitches on one side; the front and back and start knitting outwards including the sleeve. Do the same on the other side. Pick up the stitches around the neck and do the turtleneck, cast off, block, done.

Damn even I am a little confused over my directions. Better yet just follow along in person. For you people this is what I will do-

I will take this

and turn it into a Norah Masterpiece.

No thanks are necessary. God I'm selfless.


Emily said...

Ooh, I'm excited to see your sweater progress. Those patterns are really lovely.

Kathleen said...

I bought the book for the Shetland Fern pattern. Someday I will make it! What is that lovely red yarn you're using for Norah's sweater? Looks scrumptious.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Oooh, I love knitting books but haven't seen these ones. Have a look at my blog if you w3ant to see some (local) hand painted wool.

Michelle B said...

I've got the yarn used in the book stashed up for this Norah sweater. I can't wait to see how yours turns out. I love this book.