Sunday, 20 May 2007

Fling Four

Hot Water Bottle Cover

Winter is coming. For all you doubters, they work, well. It is also my most requested gift (especially by my family in the tropics, can't quite figure that one out) so I figured it was time for my own. Usually I go all fancy, felting it more and then needlefelting a design on it like this

Or this

I have made many but have not ended up with one to call my own and seem to resort more often to a grubby old t-shirt around it than I should have to. My kids have laid claim to the other 2 we have kicking around.

It was all leftover yarn but I like it, I think it looks like a sweater, a sweater hottie bottie -how cute.

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Emily said...

The "winter is coming" comment threw me for a loop until I remembered that you're in NZ. Heh!

Those are gorgeous!