Saturday, 24 March 2007

Ta Daa!

Done! Love it!
It is warm and comfy and baby I am ready for winter!
(well not really but the jumper helps me to imagine I am)

After 4 years of Southern Californian "winters" I had forgotten how wonderful and warm a real wool jumper can be. I just love this yarn. It is Green Mountain Spinnery. I got it from Yarns in the Farms, the best little yarn store in the east (seriously!). They have a whole range of Green Mountain Yarns and they are all just as delicious.

This was knitting candy. It was all in knit stitches so I could just sit and knit and knit and knit, knit while I read, knit while I played games and read to my kids, knitting all the time. I could just shut down my mind and let my hands dance. There is something wonderful about just plain knitting. It is a lovely knitting vacation. And all in the round so once I cast off I was almost there, a few stitches to graft under the arms, two ends to weave in (all the rest were spit spliced as I went) and done, done, done. Thank you EZ.

For all those still in the midst of the northern winters here's a little down under sunshine.

This is what we are pulling from the garden this week:


Jill said...

Oh that is FABULOUS! The sweater, the artichoke, the peas, the Kiwiknitter...we just ordered more Gr Mt Spinnery yarns today... Love that stuff, love that c...

Emily said...


Slip Slip said...

Jill forgot to mention the RED SOX TEE with the PEA! Baseball season has just started! She must be from somewhere like Texas....Off to Fenway tonight!