Monday, 12 March 2007

Interweave has arrived!

I expected to hate the new IK. The new format that supposedly was so reminiscent of Vogue (because that format picks my ass) but I don't. I don't hate it at all. I don't particularly like it, I just don't mind it. Since there are a couple of photos by each pattern it feels kinda of the same as before.

First time through the magazine I was underwhelmed but then I realised it was because I only had eyes for Stefanie Japel's Cable Down Raglan.

Upon further reading I realised that I liked a few more of the patterns and overall I enjoyed this edition. The dollar and half cardy is quite lovely, I like it's slimness. More importantly it looks like a fun knit.

The ads were great in this edition. Check out the Blue Moon Fibre ad on page 71, so refined and lovely. And Dale of Norway Page 75 - who knew they did anything other than jumpers perfect for being part of the Olympic team?

Grumperina's Roza Socks are on the list, only because I have never done brioche stitch and I am a new technique whore.

And Interweave is getting more organised, I received this issue without any reminder on my behalf; fancy. On the hand I just got a last chance notice from Vogue that my subscription ends with my next issue, all well and fine except I have only received one issue from them and since they put out 4 per year , help me out am I missing out on the math here? Just checking..............

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