Tuesday, 6 February 2007

The Wild South

We have returned from our time down in the Catlins. It is a coastal forest park about 120kms south of Dunedin that is remote, beautiful and wild. It is dubbed the Wild South by kiwis and it is well worth a visit. For all of you that are still on the fence about whether New Zealand is a country worthy of a trip I hope this photo essay will help convince you. This part of New Zealand can be cold and the weather is unpredictable but there is no denying it's natural beauty. Keep in mind it is the middle of our summer and the peak of tourist season and it was cool and empty. (We have some wonderful beaches and lots of warm sunshine in our "sunny north" in case you were wondering). The local tramping (hiking) is worth it alone. The many wild animal and bird sightings are icing on the cake.

Our "local" bay at low tide. A wonderful kid's playground. This area is protected by a breakwater.

Relaxing at the end of a hard day.

A nearby bush walk.

The other side of the breakwater. A little rougher!

Yep local wildlife. We were happy to share the beach.

We took a walk over a local farmer's property to view Jack's Blowhole. It was about 30 minutes each way. There is no other way to view it and that seems to make it all the more special.

Jack's Blowhole : 55 metres deep, 144 metres long, 68 metres wide and get this - 200 metres inland. At the bottom of this blowhole is the ocean, right there, right in the middle of a sheep paddock, with a little fence to stop the silly sheep falling in. Very cool.

As for the sock and I, well getting away was just what we needed. I could see that I had been hard on it and well it could see why some days were a little rougher than others. We spent a lot of time together and that was good. I now see the lace scarf was warming me up for the sock. I didn't know I was alive with the scarf. If you really want to see something move s-l-o-w-l-y try this sock. We (as in "sock" and I, we are now one) are ready to turn the heel, I am very excited, somehow that makes me a dork in non-knitting company, if only they knew.


Epay said...

Your country is pretty beautiful..
Nice to meet you here,hope you can check mine :


Emily said...

Spectacular! I love your landscape pictures especially -- they remind me of traveling.

OH. I want to go there!

Kate said...

Hi Tanya - we just got your p/c today, thank you, and popped over to say Hi. We like your Caitlins pics - it reminds us of Devon, our favourite place over here. Best wishes from Kate, and my homeschooler, Fizzy (11).