Friday, 9 February 2007

Need to be tougher with the lace.........

I finally blocked my fan and feather scarf. It was good but not earth shattering. I don't think I blocked it hard enough. I won't be using a variegated yarn for lace work again, it just doesn't show the pattern as well as I would like. However a lace shawl is definitely in future plans. I can see why lace work is addictive for some. It does have a light, frothy feel to the scarf which I like.



After: (Sorry it seemed like a better close up before I posted it to the blog. I will get this picture thing down soon I am sure)

That's not all of the "making" going on in this house.

I present Montreal Style Bagels.

There are some things New Zealand are known for but unfortunately bagels is not one of them. I was craving some real bagels and we set to work one afternoon, doing it as a group so it didn't seem too overwhelming.

The reward: yummy warm chewy bagels for dinner with fresh tomatoes, salad straight from the garden and good cream cheese. Don't ask me how many I put away! They were good!

The recipe came from "Home Baking" by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid, a gorgeous book we received last holidays. It is a 2 rise dough that takes about 3 hours total, allow about 5 hours for the whole process, about 1 1/2 hours are actually work time, the rest is waiting.

Rolled out ready to boil.

They boil for about a minute in water and honey, then are off to get rolled in sesame seeds (or whatever you have)

Boiled, ready to be baked for about 15 minutes:

For all of those that have not yet given bread a go I thoroughly recommend it. (It is time consuming and messy so if you aren't into cooking it won't be your thing.) It is the greatest thing to do with kids (think rainy afternoon). They can be involved in the whole process and what kid doesn't like fresh bread and butter (while you are at it have a go at making your own butter, only if you have kids handy as it takes a lot of shaking!). We tend to make our bread wholemeal with lots of seeds, flax and maybe some nuts and it is still a hit. You can easily minus the wheat with all of the other flours on the market if someone is gluten sensitive. And of course the aroma from baking bread is divine.

Does anyone have a really good tortilla recipe they can recommend? (Another thing New Zealand is not known for.) I don't want to use lard in them (ooh yuck!) but oil is fine. I really want to find a recipe like the soft chewy ones I use to eat from Tommy's in San Diego. The ones I have made so far have been blah. Oh and hot carrots, I seem to make them too pickley and acidic, any suggestions?


Cynthia said...

The scarf looks pretty good T. I understand the issue with variegation; I struggle with that myself on a regular basis. You should be pleased with the scarf though... and Montreal style bagels?? You rock woman - that is seriously alot of work (although they are the BEST bagels one can eat - especially when they are fresh) - very impressive!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the comments, Tanya. Great to hear from you! If you're really looking for a "cover all of me" sweater, you may want to consider something other than the Hourglass. Although, if you're doing it in Mountain Mohair, and carry it further up at the neckline, it would probably be cosy enough. Love the scarf. I just bought a skein of Alpaca Laceweight from someone's destash and want to do some lace, too, though toddler, kitten, and puppy may conspire against that for a while.