Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Why are they all getting in the way of my knitting?......

Life has been full.

I have returned to part time studies.

I have returned to part time work.

I have 2 kids that seem to demand never ending care and attention.

An old house that is constant in it's cry for renovation.

Oh and yeah I am now on Ravelry and all I want to do is spend hours exploring it.

I have decided I need a house elf.

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Stell said...

House elf?
there are house elfs?
where do we get one?
do they fold washing, iron it, pick up things and put them away properly
bake, clean, and baby sit? Make beds,
come to think of it - i might need 2
please - if you know, let me know

hey - can't do wednesday - gotta be at the montessori meeting, given they elected me to the committee and all.