Monday, 13 October 2008

Ahh the best of intentions......

Where did the time go one asks?

What happened to all those blog posts I promised the one or two readers I must have left?

I did start many posts in my mind. Honest. While out in the garden getting ready for my over achieving summer of veggies. While with my arms deep in bread or cracker dough. While crafting with my kids. While avoiding looking for my summer part-time job by cooking up another pot of dried beans and stretching that food budget a little more. While trying to find the missing bees. You see life kept getting in the way. It is spring here and spring is never better indoors in front of a computer.

But as promised those fabulous bloomers.

My daughter's favourite thing in the whole wide world. (And now, Mum, Mum listen, now I want a pair in every single colour but especially purple because purple is the best colour in the whole world. Cause Mum these are dancing pants, these pants make me dance and twirl and laugh and sing.)

They actually are that cool.

Oh yeah, I am back, home in Dunedin that is.


Tink said...

I want the bloomers pattern, for ME!!! pleeeeease. I have tracked down your mag and will drop it at the in-law's. yes I will.
xxoo Jill

Michelle said...

Now I'm going to sulk because my only daughter is too old for me to knit her wonderful bloomers like those, but at least my little boys are still young enough for me to consider knitting acrylic fruit for.