Saturday, 1 September 2007

There could be truth to it.........

The other day Stella was saying that all of us kids in Ravelry were leaving out the ones who are out in the cold. We have gone quiet; we are not blogging, commenting or visiting other forums. While I would like to strongly deny the possibility, well, here's the thing, it could be true. See I think I have a set tolerance for how much time I can sit in front of this glowing screen and - well - I have become Ravelry's bitch.

But I wish it wasn't still exclusive, I wish you could all join me there. Does that make any difference? Do you feel any better? No? Will a FO help?

Jaywalkers: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Yarn, Size 1 Addis - more details on Ravelry, check them out.

Jokin, just jokin Stella, keep your knickers on.


Vicki said...

Lovely Jaywalkers! I love the rich vibrancy of your yarn - beautiful!

Stell said...

your jaywalkers are fab, I'm so pleased they turned out - but you must wear them to our next knit night. I have never seen actual J's in the yarn so to speak, just virtual J's you see.

I guess in the next two weeks or so when my R invite arrives, i'll have egg all over my face as I play with my R buddies. Octapus girl brought a meet on R friend to knit night last week, they live 2 houses apart - do you believe it?

Stell said...

if we are talking stash - have you seen this ?

Jesse said...

Finally on Ravelry as well, and I can understand the addiction.

I'm sorry to say I've tagged you... 7 things are required, and the tag passed on to 7 people. Feel free to ignore it, these things can be annoying!

Tanya said...

I have done this one - yes? Good!